Brighton Water Shoes in the sea

What Are Water Shoes? (And Why You Need A Pair!)

Whether you call them water shoes, aqua shoes, beach shoes or sea shoes, they are shoes that are both fit for purpose on land and in the water. For those people who partake in activities which involves moving in and out of water, we have no doubt that water shoes will become your best friend!

What are Water Shoes?

Water shoes are usually designed as a lightweight shoe made of a drainable upper material and a relatively thin sole of grippy rubber which can withstand the rocky or sharp terrain on land. Quick drying and light, they keep your feet happy and comfortable in equal measures both in the water and on land. This is how Brighton Water Shoes have been created! We have Adult Water Shoes and Children Water Shoes – making them  perfect for all the family.

Do I need Water Shoes?

Your best friend for all types of water sports including wild swimming,  kayaking, snokelling and paddleboarding, to name a few, although the list is exhaustive! Water shoes are also the perfect footwear to wear for simple walks along the sandy and pebble beaches – a comfortable alternative to sandles where stones and sand can venture in a little too easily. 

If these are the type of activities you enjoy, or hope to do on holiday, “yes”, you will benefit hugely from a pair of water shoes. With their anti-slip soles, not only are water shoes much more comfortable than going bare foot, they also will protect your toes from inevitable bumps and grazes.

Being so comfortable, we’ve had reports from our customers letting us know they now use their water shoes for all types of activities including: driving, doing their gardening, and as slippers. 

So, even if you plan to only partake in water based pursuits once a year on holiday, we’d be surprised in your water shoes remained in your cupboard until the following year!

To purchase a pair of Brighton Water Shoes, which comes with a handy mesh breathable storage bag, please follow this link. For free delivery, please enter SEASWIMMING when the shoes are in your cart.

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