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I love Brighton Beach. It’s a wonderful place to be. For those who like to take a dip in the sea in Brighton though, they will understand what I mean when I refer to the struggle with the pebbles. Walking barefoot on a pebbly beach is hard and painful enough, but it’s even worse when you’re trying to get in and out of the sea gracefully with lapping waves. You’ve got to have water shoes!

I just could not find the right ones. Some had soles that were too thick to swim in and heavy to lug around, some had no grip which I noticed especially when I was paddleboarding. Colour wise, they were either black or unusual unattractive patterns. So, I had to create my own… 

In came Brighton Water Shoes. Our adult water shoes are designed in fabulous colours inspired by Brighton Beach, the lifebuoy orange, sunburst yellow, horizon blue, palace pier pink, lifeguard red and sea green. And our children’s water shoes come in sunburst yellow, lifebuoy orange, palace pier pink, horizon blue and lifeguard red. All our water shoes are bright and bring you some joy when you look at your feet! Extremely lightweight with a grippy rubber sole that makes walking around on pebbles a breeze. The shoes are quickly drainable, and feel great when in and out the water. What’s more, our Brighton Water Shoes all come with a handy zip, mesh storage bag which can house your sea shoes when they are wet and dry. The breathable material of the storage bag means your shoes can dry even when packed away.

I love them and I think that you’ll love them too.

As Brighton Water Shoes grows, we have started adding new products to our range – beginning with a stainless steel-spill proof cup and soon to come are extra large microfibre towels. All in the same beautiful colour palette as the shoes, they are sure to add some fun to your swims!

For any questions about any of our products or our company, please contact Brighton Water Shoes by emailing

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