Top Tips For Winter Wild Swimming

Ever wanted to brave the cold and take a dip in the open water in winter? There’s a reason that people do it time and time again and love it. Aside from the feel-good factor that us winter swimmers experience, research has suggested it is great for your immune system too. Up and down the country, its popularity is growing – so, is now your time to get involved? Read our top tips to cold water swimming.

How to get started with winter wild swimming?

What to bring?

  • Towel or towelling robe
  • Layers of warm clothes
  • Water shoes – if you fancy a pair of Brighton Water Shoes, shop here. Find out more about water shoes here.
  • Woolly hat
  • A hot drink for when you get out

Go with others

Ideally, go with someone else who has experience swimming in winter conditions. There are plenty of Facebook groups and local community groups meeting up. With wild swimming, you are bound to make some new friends too.


Do not shock your body by diving straight in. Take your time by getting in the water slowly and acclimatising to the temperature.

Warm up as soon as you exit the water

You might be tempted to enjoy the glowing feeling when getting out of the water, but as soon as you’re out – dry off and get your clothes on to avoid an “after-drop” and starts shaking. It makes getting dressed very difficult.

Enjoy it!

Most importantly, relax and enjoy yourself!

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