Deckchairs on Brighton Beach

Sea Swimming In Brighton On Christmas Day

Sporting Santa hats and armed with champagne as a reward for their achievements, dipping in the sea on Christmas Day is an annual event not organised by anyone that attracts many locals.

Widely accepted as the oldest established Christmas sea swim, the festive swimmers have been gathering at Brighton shoreline on Christmas Day since 1860. Starting at around 11am, crowds of excitable wild swimmers and spectators to cheer everyone on line the beach. A mixture of people of all ages  and dressed in either swimwear or wrapped up in coats and hats; there are also plenty of fancy dress too. 

Tips for swimming on Christmas Day

  • Breathe out when you first get in:
    In colder waters, the ribcage can contract and may lead one to believe that they cannot breathe meaning people get out straight away.
  • Relax and try to enjoy yourself:
    The incredible pleasure which you get from swimming in colder waters may not be immediate but when it hits it – it’ll be great! Read our blog about reasons why sea swimming is good for your mental health.
  • Give yourself a goal to swim to
    If the sea is not too rough, give yourself a point to swim to, it will give you a goal and you’ll warm up when you’re moving.
  • Have a towel and warm clothes at the ready:
    Being able to warm up straight after you have been in the sea will make the whole experience much more fun. Find out some top tips for winter wild swimming here.
  • Educate yourself of the sea temperature:
    The sea temperature in December is in fact around the same as the temperature in May. Check out our blog.
  • Get yourself some water shoes:
    Not only will water shoes give you an additional layer and therefore a little more warmth to your toes, the comfort of getting in and out of the water easily, especially if you are feeling cold will be game changing. Need a pair? Treat yourself to a pair of Brighton Water Shoes.
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